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Next meeting: *** WEDNESDAY 7th March ***

By Ian - Posted on 27 October 2017

Humanists - Playing a constructive role in the UK's changing faith landscape

Jeremy Rodell is a prominent London Humanist who has been commissioned by
Humanists UK, as national dialogue officer, to explore and develop ways of establishing
constructive dialogue between Humanists and secularists on the one hand, and religious
communities, particularly Muslim, on the other. Bedford has a significant Muslim
population, but it has never been easy to open up such channels.
Jeremy is keen to share his thoughts and experience with other groups around the
country. This is what he says of his talk...
Britain is currently going through what’s been called the biggest change in religion and
belief landscape since the Reformation, 500 years ago. But what's really going on? It’s a
lot more complex than simply a decline in organised religion and an increase in those
who have no religion. Some faith groups are themselves growing. And what do we mean
by ‘non-religious’ anyway? Or ‘religious’ for that matter? What might humanists do to
play a constructive role in making this great social change work for everyone?
Jeremy Rodell is a Humanists UK trustee and its volunteer Dialogue Officer.
Change of day: the group that he co-founded and chairs, SW London, has its regular
meeting on the first Tuesday of the month (sound familiar?) so we have been able, with
the cooperation of the Club, to move our slot to the following day, WEDNESDAY
7 TH  March.


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